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Pawan Kumar Bansal
  • Planned 3,900 flats under "Self Financing Housing Scheme-2008" for employees of Chandigarh Administration.
  • 2,108 flats of different categories in Sector-63 under 'General Housing Scheme'.
  • 160 Category-II Flats in Sector 51-A under 'General Housing Scheme'.
  • 2000 flats in General Housing Category in Sector 52, 53 & 56 in pipeline.
  • Got cleared Conversion of residential leasehold property into freehold. The land rate (R) fixed at Rs. 1710 per sq. yard. No charges for flats up to the size of 50 sq. yard.
  • Construction of 3 floors permitted in old rehabilitation colonies like the rest of the city.
  • Non-polluting business/shops allowed on ground floor of tenements to promote self-employment activities.
  • Scheme launched to construct 25,728 small flats at 8 locations to make Chandigarh city slum free. 13,000 flats constructed and possession of 8,000 handed over to the beneficiaries by Dr. Manmohan Singh, the then Prime Minister. Approval granted by Govt. of India for construction of the remaining flats with modified design and carpet area of 25.274 Sq. mtr. (Two rooms)
  • For first time since their construction, over 8,500 Government houses renovated.

Building by-laws

  • Permissible Ground coverage of plotted houses raised from 26.26% - 69.48% to 35% - 70% and FAR from 78-1.63 to 1-2 for different sizes of houses.
  • Many need based changes allowed in Marla House – Balconies and cantilevers, Increased covered area and a room in the courtyards.
  • Transfer of CHB flats in the name of GPA holders allowed on the basis of affidavit on payment of Rs. 25,000 and 50,000 for different sizes of flats.
  • Construction of basement in booths and shops permitted.
  • Conversion of SCF to SCO allowed. Staircase permitted in the front.
  • Covering of rear courtyard in SCOs and SCFs allowed in certain sectors.