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Pawan Kumar Bansal
Cremation Ground
Work No. Work Name Sanctioned Amount (Rs.) Amount Released (Rs.)
54 Provision of the following in Cremation ground, Sector 25, Chandigarh: -(i) Raising of platforms and providing Dholpur  stone on Toe walls around platform. (ii) Provision and laying of chequered tiles on existing cement concrete paving. [Date of Rec. 7.2.2005 6,27,000.00 6,27,000.00
4,92,000.00 4,92,000.00
272 Upgradation of Cremation Ground in Village Khuda Alisher, Chandigarh. Date of Rec. MOS/EB&I/CHG-2008/322  Dt. 17.02.2008. 6,72,800.00 6,72,800.00