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Pawan Kumar Bansal
Social Organisations
Work No. Work Name Sanctioned Amount (Rs.) Amount Released (Rs.)
149 Laying of paver blocks in the Anganwari Centres at Dadumajra Colony & Dadumajra Village. Memo No. 2(14)/M(PA&WR)/2012/961, dated 29.06.2012, Amount Earmarked:-5.00 lacs 5,11,000.00 3,83,250.00
61 Providing and fixing of Paver Blocks in the open space out side the following three Dharamshala in village Burail: 2,79,000.00 2,40,399.00
(i) Pattiwala Dharamshala
(ii) Vehrawali Dharamshala
(iii) Modi Dharamshala. Memo No. MPA&WR/CHG-2010/48, dated 28.09.2010, Amount Earmarked:- 3.00 lacs
158 Contribution of Rs. 5.00 Lacs towards the construction of Dharamshala, in Village Mauli Jagran by the Village Panchayat. (Old W. No. 189/14th LS) Memo No. 2(14)/M(PA&WR)/2012/1297, dated 25.08.2012, Amount Earmarked:-3.00 lacs 24,64,597.00 18,48,448.00
140 Towards partial cost of construction of rooms on ground floor of  Jat Bhawan, Sector 27-A, Madhya Marg Chandigarh in consultation with Dr. M.S. Malik IPS. (Revised Recommendation received) Memo No. M(PA&WR)/2(14)/2012/1742, dated 01.10.2012, Amount Earmarked:-10.00 lacs 10,00,000.00 10,00,000.00