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Pawan Kumar Bansal
Urban Planning

Chandigarh and the periphery…

That we live in a city, planned and created by Le Corbusier, makes us proud. But since a city is not just about brick & mortar but more about people who inhabit it and its culture and ethos, it must, like all living organisms, grow organically whilst not severing the umbilical chord with its creator and losing its signature characteristics which make it a unique city. Doubly so, when one talks about the development in the city’s periphery

The soul of the city seems to be missing in these urban clusters. It calls for a great deal of planning as distinguished from mere ‘designing’ to retain the character of Chandigarh in the periphery as well as the satellite towns. As modernity creeps in the city in the form of malls, multiplexes and hotels, we have to find a middle path, lest we lose out on tradition completely.

One fervently hopes ‘Apna Chandigarh’ remains the model for development of at least a hundred new cities in India.