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Welfare Schemes for the Poor/Needy People of Chandigarh

Government being a welfare state always work to uplift the poor and needy persons. The Chandigarh Administration under tge aegis of Government of India, has also been formulating various Rules and Schemes for the welfare of persons living in Chandigarh since it's inception.

A list showing some of such schemes and number of persons benefitted by the same is as under:

Sr. No. Year Name of Scheme Objective No. of persons benefitted by the Scheme
1. 1975 Chandigarh Milk Colony Allotment of Sites Rules, 1975. For Allotment of plots to the persons carrying business of dairying unauthorisedly. 706
2. 1979 Allotment of Subsidized Industrial Houses on Lease and Hire Purchase basis in Chandigarh Scheme, 1979. For allotment of houses for residential purpose. 620
3. 1979 Licensing of Tenements and Sites and Services in Chandigarh Scheme, 1979. For allotment of bare sites, plinths and built-up tenements to the squatters living in various colonies. 12714
4. 1991 Allotment/Transfer of Built up Booths in any Sector on Lease/Hire Purchase basis in Chandigarh Rules, 1991. For allotment of built up booths to persons had been doing business on hand-carts, hawkers, pharies, etc. 3099
5. 1991 Chandigarh Allotment of Land to Co-operative House Building Societies Scheme, 1991. For allotment of land to the housing Societies for construction of residential houses. 7900
6. 1993 Allotment/Transfer of built up Booths on lease hold basis in Chandigarh Scheme, 1993. For allotment of booths to the shop-keepers of Attawa who had faced demolition of their shops. 32
7. 1996 Allotment of land to Educational Institutions (Schools), etc. on Lease-hold Basis in Chandigarh, Scheme, 1996. For allotment of land to Managements who were running schools from residential premises unauthorisedly. 43
8. 1996 Chandigarh Allotment of Dwelling Units to the Oustees of Chandigarh, Scheme, 1996. For allotment of flats to the oustees of Chandigarh. 147
9. 1999 Allotment of Sites on Lease-hold basis to Auto Spare Part Dealers and Auto Repair Mechanics in Chandigarh, Scheme, 1999. For allotment of sites (built-up) to the mechanics carrying out repair work on government land unauthorisedly. 599
10. 2002 Setting up of Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Information Technology Park. Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park has been set up in Chandigarh where hundreds of people got employment and earning handsome salaries.
11. 2005 Chandigarh Conversion of Land Use of Industrial Sites in Commercial Activity/Services in Industrial Area, Phase I and II, Chandigarh. Keeping in view the demands of public as well as industrialists, the use of industrial sites was allowed for commercial activities. 82
12. 2006 The Chandigarh Small Flats Scheme, 2006. For allotment of built up tenements to the squatters living in various colonies. 19000
13. 2008 Notification dated 16.10.2008 Increased FAR to accommodate larger size of families.
14. 2009 Licencing of Bare Booth Sites/Built up Booths to the Persons with Disabilities Scheme, 2009. For allotment of built up booths to run their livelihood. 41