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Municipal Corporation (Public Health Wing)


Water Supply
  • Augmentation of water supply schmeKajauli Phase-IV for bringing 20 MGD of  water from Bhakra Main Line commissioned in the year 2006 at a cost of Rs.50 Crores.
  • The water supply of Manimajra township has been augmented by providing canal water by laying a dedicated pipeline from Sec.26 Water Works to both the Water Works situated at Manimajra.  This project was completed at a cost of Rs.6 Crores.
  • Project for Upgradation of water supply and remote computerized surveillance system to accomplish 24x7 water supply under JnNURM at a cost of Rs.20 Crores, has been completed in the year 2011.
  • In order to redress the problem of low water supply pressure, 25 No. Water Boosting Stations along with dedicated tubewells have been constructed and made operational in various parts of the city at a cost of Rs.12.50 crores.
  • In order to cater to the water supply requirement of Phase III Sectors i.e. 53 to 56, the augmentation of Water Works, Sec.52 undertaken at a cost of Rs.15.50 Crores.

Storm Water Drainage

  • To augment the storm water drainage system, approximately 2500 road gullies alongwith storm water drains have been provided in various parts of the city.
  • The work of construction of RCC box for channelization of open nallah passing through Manimajra has been taken up at a cost of Rs.11,59crores.  This will provide clean and hygienic environment to the residents of Manimajra.
  • A project to substitute 50-years old circular brickdrains pipes has been taken up at a cost of Rs.17.65 Crores.


  • A 30 MGD capacity Sewage Treatment Plant for treating the raw sewage upto 30 mg/l was completed and commissioned in 2009 at a cost of Rs.30 crores.
  • In order to strengthen the sewerage system of Manimajra, trunk main sewer line carrying the sewage of Manimajra township has been laid and connected to STP at Raipur Kalan.
  • A modern 10MGD STP, at a cost of Rs.34 crore is under construction. Another 5 MGD capacity STP is proposed to be constructed at Maloya at a cost of Rs.28 crore.

Tertiary treated water

  • A project for Conservation of drinking water by harvesting of the tertiary treated sewage for irrigation of green spaces in Chandigarh under JNNURM at a cost of Rs.36.72 crores has been completed. 
  • The renovation of Old 10 MGD T.T. Plant at a cost of Rs. 3.13 crores.


  • To keep the city’s environment clean and hygienic, Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh has constructed approximately 300 toilets in various markets of the city and green belts. Most of these toilets have been leased out to BOT operators for operation & maintenance.

Fountains/Water Features

  • In order to enhance the beauty of the city, 36 No. Fountains/water features have been installed in various green belts and gardens at a cost of Rs.10 Crores.